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Q. Do I need to pre-book shooting on both Wednesdays and Sundays?

A. You only need to pre-book for Sundays. On Wednesdays you can just turn up.

Q. If I don't have someone to go round with can I still shoot?
A. Yes. Just let us know at the time of booking that you will be on your own and we will do our very best to pair you up with another solo shooter. The South Worcester facebook forum is a great place to find shooting buddies - link at the bottom

Q. Can I shoot as many clays as I like?
A. On Sundays you will need to buy a 60, 80 or 100 bird card, although if you want to shoot less - just ask.

On Wednesdays you have the choice of 60, 80 or 100 bird cards.

Q. Can I bring my partner/friend to press the buttons for me?
A. Yes, there is no problem with this. 

Q. What happens if there is a breakdown?
A. There will be staff close by to fix problems if they occur. If there is a more significant issue, which cannot be fixed quickly, we will have a spare stand available which we will bring into the layout.

Q. Can I bring a friend, who does not hold a shotgun certificate, to shoot under my supervision?
A. Unfortunately, we have to suspend this privilege at the moment as it would disrupt the flow of the squad.

Q. Can I book a lesson? 
A. Unfortunately it isn't possible under the present social distancing guidance to give 'novice' tuition. We are starting 'one to one' and syndicate tuition on Fridays. Phone for details. The ground will not be open for practice, neither can we accommodate outside instructors or the supervision of non certificate holders.

Q. Will there be refreshments available?
A. Yes. Val will be operating a takeaway service from her catering van on Wednesdays and Sundays. Please allow plenty of time if you want food before you shoot.

Q. On Wednesdays can I pay for the clays on the day with cheques or cash like we used to do?
A. Yes. However to minimise the chance of spreading the virus we would prefer you to use contact less cards. 
Val will only be taking cash for the catering, however she will be adopting sanitising procedures for the money.

Q. Can I bring my own sanitiser/PPE?
A. We strongly suggest you bring you own pencils and clip boards. There will be hand sanitiser on every stand. You are welcome to bring your own sanitiser and any other PPE if you wish.

Q. We usually come as a group, can we all go round together?
A. Groups of up to 6 are now allowed

Q. Will I be able to book a round for the following week?
A. Yes.

Q. Is the D.T.L available?
A. Yes - You will be able to shoot either 10 or 25 bird rounds - just ask Lottie for a score card and pay on the day. You will need to button for yourselves.

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