Cartridges & Clays


Grounds, Clubs and Individuals

At South Worcester we stock 'Clay Pigeon Company' clays.

Gamebore, Hull & Fiocchi, cartridges.


We supply Shooting Grounds, Clubs and individuals with quality cartridges

and clays at very sensible prices.


It doesn't matter if you only want a box of 25 cartridges or 1,000

or just 1 box of clays or a pallet.

See the very best prices below 

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Game Cartridges

Due to various changes we will no longer be stocking game cartridges, however we will order whatever you want from the Gamebore range. We will add these to our normal clay cartridge orders but be aware that they may not always be in stock so please allow plenty of time.
This new service means that you can choose exactly what you want from the huge range of cartridges on offer from Gamebore

We do still have a few game cartridges left in stock - phone for details. 
Minimum order 250


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All prices subject to change without notice