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Sunday April 4th


Please fill in booking form below and click 'send'.

Remember we have to operate the "Rule of Six" so there will be no more than 6 on a stand. There will be two squads, the first at 10.00 and  the second at 12.00. Please be here 30 minutes beforehand so you are on your stand, ready to start at your squad start time.

We will do our best to keep you with your friends but we cannot guarantee this. Please indicate after your name the size of your party and fill in their names so we can prepare score cards.

You will need to indicate if you would like 60, 80 or 100 bird cards after each name.


Pay on the day or phone me on 01684 310605 if you would prefer to pre pay with a card.

We will keep your details for 'track & Trace' and to contact you in the future.

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